9. November, 2005 - windy

Man it was breezy last night! Once again, the “storm door” on the north side of my house was flapping in the wind. It’s poorly designed, since the doorknob from the inside door pushes on the latch for the storm-door, and it won’t actually latch unless the planets align correctly, so I end up using the hook on the door, and then go out the other door, and confuse myself when I try to get back into the house. Since that back door opens the wrong way (the opening is toward the front of the house, and I’m almost always heading in or out that door from the back of the house, by the garage), I’ve been thinking about turning it around since this spring. It’s not a high priority, but if the weather continues nice, maybe I’ll get to that yet this year.

Anyway, the wind blew most of the remaining leaves off the trees in my yard, so next time it’s nice outside (probably tomorrow), I’ll get out and run over the leaves with the lawnmower again and finish cleaning up the yard for fall. And then Friday the guys will be back to put in some grass-seed and I’ll mostly be done with “outside things” for the year. Unless it stays nice long enough that I decide to tackle some other project, like changing out the flapping storm-door.

In other news, Steph stopped by last night with a load of food for my freezer. She’s starting a remodel on her kitchen soon, and has been cooking up a storm, trying to get meals made so she and Tim won’t go hungry while they have no stove. I’m glad to help with the freezer-space, but I suppose I should have organized the freezer a little better before she got here. Oops. She also checked out the progress on my bedroom, and seemed to like what she saw. While I’m mostly pleased with the work I’ve been (slowly) doing up there, it’s nice to hear positive comments from someone else.

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