7. November, 2005 - low energy weekend

The weekend is done, and there’s some news. The short version is that it’s pretty well decided that I’ll be going back to being a wage-slave before long. I’ll get into more details once I know more, but for now I just know that there’s a lot of stuff I need to sort out first, and there’s still a vacation I want to take. Must Get Cracking.

The weekend? Well, no real change on Friday. I pulled down the caution-tape around the new sidewalk during the afternoon, and then headed out to the local watering hole in the evening. A friend wanted to cap the night off with some cocktails, so we wandered across the street to the place that serves liquor and had a manhattan. Which wasn’t enough, apparently, so he ordered another set of them for us. I’m pretty sure one was all I needed, especially when the hangover was threatening to spill over into Saturday night’s card-playing.

Saturday there was cards. And preparations for cards, though not necessarily in that order. It went as well as could be expected, I guess. People seemed to have fun.

Sunday was a day of rest and laundry. Machines in my basement magically transformed stinky and dirty bits of fabric into clean clothes. Amazing! And all while I spent most of the day on the couch looking at the idiot box.

As for the sidewalk, no pictures yet. The forms are still up, and I’m not going to take more pictures until they’re down and things are closer to complete. Maybe tomorrow? That’s going to do it for today.

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