1. November, 2005 - sidewalk, lasers, KGS update

Yesterday the concrete guy stopped by. They’ll be by this morning to tear out my existing sidewalk and start prepping for the new one. Tomorrow will finish up the prep work. Thursday, they’re going to pour. Woo. I’ll have a new sidewalk before the snow flies for sure. And I also talked to them yesterday, and they’re going to demolish and haul away the little shed that’s tacked to the side of my garage. It’s proven useless to me, and there’s enough concrete in the base of it that I was worried about disposal costs if I tore it down myself, so this was the time to do the job.

Yesterday I talked about shooting with the red-dot sight. Today I’m going to mention a trip out last month, where we used LaserGrips. There’s almost certainly a longer article to be written, but when I was asked by the guy in the adjacent lane this weekend whether I preferred a laser or the red-dot, I didn’t give a full answer, mostly because I don’t have one yet. The LaserGrips are a darned good training tool, but at around $200, they’re significantly more expensive than a red-dot scope. On the other hand, the laser was a darned useful teaching tool, helping both of us identify a bad habit we’d gotten into.

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