31. October, 2005 - boo

Another weekend come and gone. Friday, my new fridge got delivered. I spent a couple hours shuffling everything out of the old fridge and into the “beer fridge” in the basement, and then shuffling most things back, including the beer. Later in the day, I uploaded some photos to flickr, and added them to some appropriate groups.

On Saturday, I went out to the Burnsville Pistol Range with a friend. I was itching to get some trigger-time in, and he hadn’t shot in years, so I talked him into going out. Put some rounds through my .22 rifle, and I find that I’m pretty happy with it. I’m steady enough with it that I’m pretty sure I could pot tree-rats out to 25 yards, which isn’t great, but pleasing enough for the first time shooting it. But it was after I had pulled out the pistol, and we had basically shot all we wanted to that I had the most fun experience of the afternoon.

In the lane next to us was a guy teaching his girlfriend how to shoot. He’d brought along what were basically hand-cannons (the smallest looked like a .38 Special or .357 revolver), and she was flinching, scattering shots all over, and looked like she was getting discouraged. I got their attention and offered to let them run a few rounds through my .22 pistol. It was my first day out with the new red-dot sight on it, and both of them liked how that worked once I explained how you had to hold high at short distances.

In the gal’s first magazine of ten rounds, she kept all ten shots in the black on the target, and had put three shots into a dime-sized area in the bullseye (at fifty feet). She was positively beaming and I’d like to think I turned her somewhat discouraging first time shooting into a positive experience. If nothing else, the huge smile when she got her first bullseye was worth tons more than the dollar’s worth of ammunition they shot while trying my pistol.

We finished off the day with stops at Northern Brewer, the Dubliner and Town Hall. Turns out it was a night with new beer releases at Town Hall, so we hung out and drank for a while. Our waitress forgot to put in our dinner order right away, so it was a good thing we weren’t in a hurry. It was a pretty darned good day though. The weather was nice, and it was good to get out of the house and do some fun stuff.

When I finally got home, I emptied out the small freezer in my kitchen, shuffling all that food down to the freezer in the basement, and unplugged the small freezer so it could defrost. Scrubbed it out and such, and let it air-dry overnight. Today I’ll finish scrubbing the outside of it and refill it, and then shut down the basement fridge until next baseball season when I need the extra storage for beer and tailgating supplies.

Sunday was a pretty low-energy day, and the weather was coöperating beautifully. Instead of Saturday’s pretty skies and warm weather, sunday was drizzly and gloomy. I never actually saw any rain falling, but things were wet and gray every time I looked outside. I made a brief run to Target for some necessities and napped a lot. That was about the extent of the day. It didn’t help that I forgot to change the clock on the programmable thermostat before going to bed on Saturday, which meant that at 5am, the furnace kicked in to warm the house up, and woke me up. Oops.

There wasn’t too much of a problem with noise over the weekend. There were a few groups of people walking past on Saturday night, but they were pretty well-behaved. I think the fact that Halloween is today kept at least a few people in check, since there were four evenings (counting tonight) to dress up like an idiot and get beerlarious and not everyone picked the same night. And hey, I’ve got candy on hand just in case someone stops by. I’ll probably even get the pumpkin set up in the window before it gets dark out.

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