27. October, 2005 - bit by bit

Didn’t get my walk by the river yesterday. The overcast lightened, but the day never really seemed as nice as I’d been hoping. Instead, I went shopping again, and bought a new fridge for my kitchen. It should be delivered tomorrow. I went with a fridge-only model, which is probably bigger than I need, but since I already have a compact freezer in the kitchen, it seems like the better plan. And not having a freezer in it means it’s both more energy efficient, and a little smaller. That means that when I decide to upgrade the stove, I’ll have room for a slightly bigger stove, which seems like a pretty good tradeoff to me.

I spent some of the afternoon going through the exisiting fridge and cleaning. Tossed out a bunch of condiments that were either nearly empty or had been sitting there aging and never getting used. I’ll just have a few things left to remove from the fridge tomorrow morning to get ready for the delivery. Between slowly upgrading things in the kitchen, and getting ever-closer to finishing up my bedroom, I feel like I’ve been making real solid progress on whipping the house into shape, and that makes me happy. There’s still a lot to be done, but every little bit of forward movement helps.

In the evening, I had dinner with Pete and Beth over at the Sporty. Good to see them again, and it was good to both get out to the bar, and (for once) get home from the bar at a reasonable hour.

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