26. October, 2005 - midweek

Did I leave the house during the beautiful fall weather yesterday? Yes, but only briefly. Went outside to take out the trash and see if there was anything that needed doing in the yard, but I’m in pretty good shape for winter. I just need to mow the lawn one more time once the trees have dropped their leaves, but that hasn’t happened yet. I also talked with the neighbor for a while before coming in for the evening and puttering around the house. Finished up a few little jobs inside and that was the day.

My friend who’s studying interior design was maybe going to stop by yesterday, but didn’t. Turns out there was pressing homework to be done. Ah well, later in the week. Such excitement in my life at the moment! Today looks pretty good. A call from the payroll people this morning, and then if the sky clears from its currently overcast state, I think I might take a walk down by the river. It’s about the right time for it to be pretty down there, and I need to get out more.

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