25. October, 2005 - plugging along

The big event yesterday was taking in lamps for repair. Three different places have parts of one of the lamps I got from mom. One to fix the wiring, one to make some new glass panels for the shade (they’re curved, and so very tricky to replicate) and one to fix the metal parts of the shade. Total cost for the repairs on that will probably be more than the lamp is worth, even by the most optimistic appraisal, but it’s one that’s been in my family for longer than I have, and I was feeling sentimental. With any luck, I’ll have it back by Christmas.

It surprised me a bit, though. I had been half-heartedly searching for places that do repair on lamps, mostly figuring that it was a small market at best, and there would probably be only one or two places in town that would do the work, since most folks would throw away a lamp that was going to need hundreds of dollars in repairs. Turns out I was mostly correct, and the secret was contacting the folks at Lightworks. They turned me on to Gaytee Stained Glass, who are pretty much the only folks in town who will craft new bent-glass. And the guy at Gaytee pointed me to Brinkman’s, who will fix the old metal, including manufacturing new pieces to replace some that have been lost for over twenty years. I mention it here because at some point, someone else in the Twin Cities will have a lamp they want fixed for sentimental reasons, and this might help google point them in the right direction.

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