24. October, 2005 - ten teams

bedroom lamp
“new” bedroom lamp

Another weekend come and gone. Friday wasn’t very exciting. The highlight of the day was a phone-call I’d been expecting, in which the main message was that there would be more phone-calls this week. Saturday was a trip up to mom’s, and I finally saw some nice colors in the trees. I even had the camera with, but was running late, so I figured I’d take pictures on the way home. When I headed back, it had clouded up and all the colors were muted, so no pictures. Sunday I slept late, and then did some shopping. Found a couple lamps for my bedroom, which made me happy. It doesn’t show especially well in the photo on the right, but they’ve got a cool glass thing beneath the shade that glows when the light is lit up. It’s also hard to tell the color, but they’re dark green, not black. The finish is pretty dinged up, so I might refinish them. The same store may have a couple dressers that I like, but that’ll be another phone-call sometime this week.

In other “around the house” news, I’m hoping to get a call today from the sidewalk guy, telling me whether he’ll be able to get my new sidewalk done this year or not. If not, I’ll probably spend some time calling around looking for someone else. I’m also planning to call up Lightworks and see what they’d charge to repair a couple lamps I got from mom. One just needs rewiring, but the other has a glass shade, and one of the panels is broken. I don’t expect that to be a cheap or easy repair. And they may be able to help me get converters from the mogul base to the more standard medium base in those lamps I bought yesterday. And sometime this week, my friend who’s studying interior design is going to stop by to help with ideas for finishing up the bedroom (I still need furniture). It’ll be interesting to see what she thinks of the stuff I’ve already done.

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