19. October, 2005 - time to hunker down?

Yesterday, almost 80, sunshiney and beautiful. This morning, much cooler, dreary and gray. Makes me glad I took some time yesterday to start really getting ready for winter, when I’ll want to have plenty of food at home so I don’t have to venture out. I cleaned out the big chest freezer (it’s been empty since June, but was a little gunky and needed a wash) and plugged it back in. And ordered a quarter of a cow and a half of a pig from the butcher. Should be ready on Friday or Saturday. Today I’m hoping to empty the little freezer and the one in the bottom of the fridge so I can defrost those soon and get them back into the regular “food I’m going to eat soon” rotation.

I don’t think I’m going to get many interesting pictures of foliage this year. The trees seem to be dropping their leaves about the time the colors start to get good. One of the TV weather guys said it was because we haven’t have a hard frost yet. Whatever the reason, I just haven’t seen the burst of colors I’ve been hoping for. The trees are either still green and holding onto their leaves, or brown, or bare. Maybe next year.

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