17. October, 2005 - ouch

Friday evening, there was the Auto Body Experience show. Good show, but on the way there, I tripped in a pothole in the street in front of Lee’s, and twisted my left ankle. It didn’t hurt too much at the time, but my right knee, hand, elbow, and shoulder were sore from the hard landing on the pavement that resulted (and the scramble to get out of the street before a car came along). I got through the show without too much pain (beer is helpful that way, it seems), and called it a night.

Saturday and Sunday, I mostly stayed home and nursed my wounds. No trip to mom’s. No Zombie Pub Shamble on Saturday. No taking pictures of the fall foliage. No hanging out gun-nutting with a friend on Sunday. It wasn’t as though I was completely laid-up, but getting up and down the stairs at home wasn’t pleasant. When I was younger, I either would have shaken off the injury immediately, or worked harder trying not to fall, and really sprained my ankle. I’m not sure which I enjoy more less, but I was struck by the thought that this “getting older” thing sucks in general, and I need to try and get back into better shape so you don’t read about me in one of those news stories where they have to peel the roof off my house and hoist me out with a crane.

And with that image to brighten your day, let’s get to the links.

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