14. October, 2005 - a better week

This was a better week than last. Progress was made, and even if I don’t have everything wrapped up yet, I’m not stuck anymore. There’s still plenty to grumble about, and I will, but I feel pretty good going into this weekend, which is a nice change.

Seems like it was only last month I was singin’ that song, and here it is again. I just don’t understand what’s so difficult about responding to an email or a phone call. Last month, it was because they were billing me for a service I’d never paid for before. This month, the problem is that I actually tried to have them change something with that service I’m now paying for. Took an email, two phone calls, and five hours waiting to get a 30-second job done. I keep thinking when they talk about what great “service” they have, they mean it in the animal-husbandry way, and not customer-satisfaction.

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