11. October, 2005 - successful, I guess…

You know those days when everything goes as well as can be expected, but not as well as you’d like? That’s how yesterday was for me. I was pretty productive, getting some work done, finishing all the errands I could, and even put in the last of the carpeting in my bedroom (though it took an hour for the last three tiles — I was right when I thought that cutting them in around the closet door was going to be a pain).

So that’s the good. The bad? Well, I’d forgotten that it was a holiday, which meant that I couldn’t do things like go to the bank or buy stamps to pay the bills with the checks I’d gotten in the mail and deposited in the bank. That’s a chunk of errands that needs to happen today. And I didn’t finish the work I’d hoped to, so that’s still on for today. And I discovered (I’ve known this for a while, but I got the final confirmation after not screwing up a single cut) that I way overbought the carpet-tile for the bedroom. I’ve got twenty tiles left over, which is about $300 (out of $1800) I didn’t need to spend. I’ll find a use for them elsewhere (if nothing else, I may carpet the closet), but dang!

And that’s what I mean that things went as well as could be expected, but not as well as I’d like. The day was pretty good, but I’m stuck with a nagging feeling that a few small tweaks would have made it an excellent day. I guess I should be happy with what went well, but I’m enough of a perfectionist that I just can’t enjoy the successes when I think I could’ve done better. Especially when the holiday catching me by surprise left stuff to do today that I had hoped to be done with yesterday.

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