10. October, 2005 - weekend recap

Another Monday, another weekend recap.

Friday, I concentrated on the long-term, spending the morning updating my resume, and the afternoon talking with the folks who are thinking about hiring me, plus a recruiter who has a job for my one remaining employee. Nothing is final, but it’s sure looking like Better Nerds will be going somewhat dormant before too much longer. Of course this happens at a time when I could use some more work to fill out this month, but it’s tough to actively hunt for new work when you know it’s going to be short-term at best.

Friday evening I went out to see Serenity with a couple friends. I enjoyed the hell out of the movie, and just don’t get the complaints various people have had with it. It’s the first movie I’ve gone to in a theater in years, and while I was initially shocked at the $8 ticket-price, when the movie was done, I didn’t mind the price at all. Kirsten has a Serenity Roundup if you want to read what other people thought about it. We followed the movie with dinner, and by the time I got home, I was pretty much done for the day.

Saturday, I put all thoughts of work from my mind. After spending most of the morning slacking around the house, I headed outside. It was a little chilly for the shorts and t-shirt I was wearing, but I started working on yard stuff, and quickly warmed up. I started by pulling the tomato and pepper plants from the garden, harvesting the last few fruits that had ripened. That left me with a big pile of vegetation that needed to be chopped into smaller pieces before putting it into the compost bin, so I got out the lawn-mower and chopped the veggie plants and then mowed the lawn, which still wasn’t quite dry enough, but I wanted to get it finished.

After a late lunch, when the afternoon sun had moved around to light the bedroom upstairs, I tackled the remaining carpet-tile. I managed to get all but three tiles installed, and they’re the ones around the closet door. Overall the job went pretty well, but doing all the fine cuts needed around doors is definitely my least favorite part of the job. I’m thinking that if I need a break from the computer this afternoon, I’ll finish that up.

Saturday evening was the regularly-scheduled monthly poker game. First one of the season, now that Saints baseball is done for the year. That meant clearing the summer’s accumulation of stuff from the dining/poker table. I had almost six months of various receipts, mail, and other junk on the table, and filled the shredder twice with old receipts and such. Had a pretty good pile of paper for the recycling, too. The poker game went well, and after everyone left, I called it a night.

Sunday was a low-energy day. Besides being up late with the poker, I had inaugurated Bourbon Season, mixing three manhattans for myself over the course of the evening. I use the excuse that it’s colder here than in Pennsylvania, so I’m entitled to start bourbon season before Halloween. The day mostly consisted of watching the TV, with a couple forays into the kitchen to clean up a bit and forage for food. “Wasting” a beautiful day like Sunday always leaves me with mixed feelings. I felt I should be out enjoying some of the last nice weather we’re going to have this year and taking pictures of pretty trees, but it’s just not as much fun to stay inside and do nothing when the weather is crummy enough that you don’t want to go out anyhow. What’s the point in being irresponsible if you don’t have any responsibilities in the first place?

And that’s the weekend that was, kids. Time to plow headlong into the new week and do my best to finish things that should have been done weeks ago.

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