7. October, 2005 - another friday

Looking back at the friday posts from the last month, I don’t think September was an especially good month for me. October isn’t shaping up to be much better yet, but that’s at least partly due to it still being allergy season. Once we get the first killing frost, most of the allergens clear from the air, and I’m a happier camper. That didn’t happen last night though. A low of 32.2°F here, and the only frost I could see this morning was a light coating on the roof of my garage. The forecast doesn’t have any more chances for frost in the foreseeable future, so there’s probably at least another week of stuffy head in my future.

Yesterday, I had planned to avoid the daily blogging in the morning and get straight to work when I woke up. That fell apart, and the rest of the day just sort of followed. I had been out late at the Sporty on Wednesday night (I spent a few hours talking with a ceramics prof from the U about what makes art “art”), so I wasn’t expecting an early start, but first there was the news from the Park Board, and when I had finished typing that, the phone rang.

I had a twenty-minute discussion with state Senator Larry Pogemiller about the meth bill, which restricts the amount of Sudafed a guy can buy in Minnesota. After explaining my complaint to him, he said he’s going to talk to the author of the bill, and see if they can adjust the monthly limit so it actually will represent a full one-month’s supply. Shocking, but true. Especially when I read the letter his staff had sent to me in the mail, which had a completely different tone.

That killed off the morning. I spent the afternoon alternating between trying to get my resume updated (it’s been over three years since I’ve touched it) and figuring out what I’m doing for the client’s website that I need to finish. I ended up doing neither especially well, and both remain for today. And once the work is done, there are tentative plans to go see Serenity.

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