5. October, 2005 - have some rain

Almost six inches of rain since yesterday. Another couple on the way. Paging Noah and Party…

As for the temperature, well, the big cool-off hasn’t really hit yet. As I write this, the dewpoint is still at 66, but the bottom’s supposed to fall out any time now. More rain, the wind swinging around to the west, and then some dry air, followed by a high in the 40s tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Yesterday I actually got some stuff done. Not the progress I was hoping for, but at this point any positive progress feels pretty good, and I did that in between lightning storms that had me shutting down the computer. And then later in the day I hooked up the new programmable thermostat to the furnace (and tested it so I don’t get a nasty surprise when it does get cold). The hardest part was probably finding where to shut off the power to the furnace while playing with the wires. Not a really big deal, but again, progress. Today, hopefully more progress. Wish me luck.

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