4. October, 2005 - wet - cooler

Eighty-frickin’-five degrees yesterday. That wasn’t a record, but the overnight low of 72 and dewpoint of 69 were both records for all recorded dates in October in Minneapolis. Ever. This morning, I woke to a storm, with some slightly cooler air. But it’s still going to take all day for the temperature inside the house to drop back to reasonable levels.

And that heat dictated how yesterday went. I spent the relatively cool hours of the morning catching up on the usual Monday administrivia, which took longer than I had hoped. Then a trip out to the bank, some lunch, and shopping for groceries. When I returned home, it was too hot for my computer to like life (remember, I pulled out the air conditioners last week), and it did the spontaneous “I’m too hot and going to shut down without giving you a chance to save first” thing, so when it took a nap, I took a nap.

But the warm weather helped my peppers. Most of the rest of the harvest has ripened, and since I’d been planning to do something to preserve them, I figured it was time. I didn’t want the extra heat in the kitchen from actually pickling them (maybe for the stragglers I’ll pick tomorrow), and decided to preserve them in alcohol instead. A quick trip to Surdyk’s reminded me that the wine sale starts today (for people on the mailing list — tomorrow for the general public). That’s okay. The things I wanted weren’t on sale anyhow.

So I came home with a big bottle of vodka and a smaller bottle of sherry. All of the wax yellows I haven’t already used went into a quart jar, with about a pint of vodka and a couple cloves of garlic. A pint jar got filled with tabascos and bird chiles, and topped off with the sherry. A quick taste of the sherry convinced me I shouldn’t have picked the driest one they sold, but that I definitely didn’t want a sweet sherry, either. In both cases, the peppers (and the alcohol surrounding them) should keep until I have fresh peppers next spring, and I have my choice of either fishing out a pepper or two or just pouring out some tasty liquid. I’m betting the peppery vodka would make a pretty good bloody mary, too.

Today, I’m going to try and tackle the work I was planning to do yesterday, and that’s about it. I’m behind on this project and need to wrap it up, if for no other reason than I need to get the invoice submitted so the cash flow keeps flowing. Wish me luck.

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