30 September, 2005 - running in place

Seems this morning as if that’s what I’m doing. I’m making progress on a lot of things, but in many cases, that progress just maintains things the way they were. I actually worked through my normal afternoon break yesterday, and got something done for a client, but then looked at the result and find myself wondering if it was all wasted effort. We’re trying to give them a clickable map of the US so a customer can pick a state. I got a version that looks pretty, but the HTML alone is over a meg (due largely to Photoshop’s lame imagemap support, or my lack of understanding thereof). I don’t think it’s a workable solution.

And it’s the end of another week, and I find myself asking “What did I get done?” I don’t have a good answer, other than figuring I stayed alive. Some weeks I guess that has to be enough. But hey, I found some fun links for you to click on, so let’s get to them, eh?

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