29. September, 2005 - brrr

Yesterday was warm enough in the early morning while it was still raining. But once the rain stopped, it got chilly out. And overnight? Well, it didn’t get much below 40 according to the thermometer on the side of my house, but that still felt pretty chilly, and there were frost warnings out for the outlying ’burbs.

Also yesterday, during my mid-afternoon break (which is going to be one of the things I miss the most if I take a full-time job again — I really enjoy taking an hour or two off from thinking and doing something), I started putting down the carpet tile in my bedroom upstairs. I got half-done before I cut myself with the carpet knife and decided that was enough. I’d hate to start out with blood-stained carpeting. Things didn’t go as quickly as I’d hoped, mostly because I discovered that the room is 3.4 meters wide, rather than the 3.5 I’d estimated. With half-meter square tiles, this means that I need to cut about an inch off every tile along the long walls of the room. I didn’t expect an exact fit, but I was hoping it would be close enough that I could just cut one side, but it’s enough that doing that would make the room look lop-sided. With twice as many cuts as expected, I got half as much done as expected.

Today, it looks like pretty decent weather (though nothing like the 80s predicted for the weekend), and I’m not sure if I’ll stay inside to finish up the carpeting or not. There’s plenty of other stuff to do, some of it outdoors, and with the chill last night, I may work extra-hard at getting outside to enjoy what warm weather is left this year. It really feels like fall now, and there may be some pretty colors on the trees this weekend.

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