27. September, 2005 - beautiful weather

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day. The high was near 70, and the overnight low around 50. Perfect sleeping weather at night (with the windows open just a bit), and a nice day to be outside during the day. About the only thing marring the day was the need to stay inside to get some work done during the day. But I still found time to walk over to Dinkytown for lunch, and then took a break in mid-afternoon to mow the lawn, and stand around outside talking to my neighbors for an hour or so.

One of the outdoor things I was hoping to get done was pulling the old TV antenna down from my roof. I don’t use it at all, and it’s just sitting up there waiting for a strong wind to mess it up and maybe damage my roof in the process. One of the neighbors has a 28 foot extension ladder, which is maybe just long enough to reach my roof, and he’s offered to let me borrow it whenever I need, but when I actually looked at the roof, and looked at the ladder, I’m not sure it’s going to reach. So I put him off, saying I’ll get to it some other time.

I think if I tackle that project, it’s going to be when I’ve got some additional help (and moral support) around. I really should have just had the DirecTV guy pull it down when he was up on the roof almost two years ago, or when I had the chimney sweep out last year. Both were professionals at climbing around on roofs and had ladders that definitely reached all the way up there. The last thing I want to do is borrow the ladder from the neighbor, set it up next to the house, and then discover it’s a couple feet too short to reach the roof, which will suck all the motivation out of me.

Today’s supposed to be just about as nice as yesterday. Perhaps a little warmer, but also a little windier. The last two “nice weather” tasks for the fall are pulling out the air conditioners and cleaning the outsides of all the windows in the house. I’m not sure about cleaning the windows today, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing the A/C anymore, so I’ll probably pull those out of the windows and haul them to the basement for the winter. And with any luck, things will go smoothly enough that I’ll want to take a walk afterwards. Maybe an evening one so I can check out the new lighting on the Stone Arch Bridge, if this evening’s rain holds off long enough.

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