26. September, 2005 - good weekend

It was a pretty good weekend. Friday, after griping about the clothesline pole in the back yard, I stopped by a nursery on the way home from lunch. Came home with 120 pounds of black dirt (ten dollars worth) and a bag of grass seed. The weather was nice, a little cool, and I only worked up a little sweat horsing the nearly cubic-foot of concrete out of the ground and hauling it over to the corner of the yard where it can sit until I deal with getting rid of it.

Filled the hole with half of the black dirt, set the hose on low right in the middle of it, and went and filled a few other holes in the yard with the rest of the dirt. Came back and the dirt in the big hole was wet enough, so I raked it around a bit, and hit it with the grass seed. Walked around and hit the other new dirt with the hose and a little seed, and one project was crossed off the list with about one hour of work and one hour of standing around with the hose. I probably put down the grass seed dozens of times thicker than you’re supposed to, but the goal is to get some grass in those spots quickly, and I figure there’s got to be some amount of spare for the birds to eat, too.

Saturday, during the rain (no watering needed), a friend stopped by to go shooting, and we snapped the chalk lines for the carpet tile in the bedroom, a project I’ll tackle next time a rainy weekend keeps me indoors. Took just a few minutes to get that roadblock out of my way.

Then to the range, where we both discovered what a great training aid LaserGrips can be, as we watched each other pull the little red dot down to 5 o’clock on the target before pulling the trigger, pre-compensating for the recoil (flinching). A little mental work and practice corrected that problem (for the afternoon), and I noticed that the little red dot dancing around on the target actually made it easier for me to concentrate on the front sight after a quick peek downrange. I’m still not focusing on just the front sight like you’re supposed to, but I got a lot better pretty quickly. After a while with the pistol, and a while with the carbine (which didn’t like the batch of handloads my pal had brought), we both got tired, and decided to call it a day before we developed any new bad habits. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a little less in the way of bad habits on the next trip out, and that’s encouraging. Plus the rifle range out there should be opening today, which means when it’s time to sight in the deer rifles, we don’t need to worry about the weather. Cool.

After some dinner, beers, and catching up, we called it a day. Sunday? I slept late and spent the afternoon and evening watching TV. It was still rainy and gloomy outside, and I was perfectly happy to leave all the projects around the house for another day.

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