23. September, 2005 - the week that wasn’t


A pretty unsatisfying week so far. Business headaches on Monday, followed by a walk and a nap to calm down. Tuesday, work in the morning, followed by some drinking, some more drinking, and even more drinking. Wednesday, dealing with family stuff and the hangover. Plus hot weather. Realized late in the evening that I had missed the monthly dinner club while trying to get everything else dealt with. Thursday, research into ISPs, emails back and forth, and a general wish that the week was just done. Today? Well, there’s a website I should have finished up a couple weeks ago. I probably should tackle it today, but I may let it wait until next week. There’s some followup to be done for the not interview that’s still a not-job. No word on when it might turn into a job, so I should probably find some more work to fill the next few weeks or months, too.


But hey, there were a couple morning glories blooming in my yard the other day. I took pictures of them for you, since they were kinda pretty. I’m not entirely happy with either picture, but I don’t think I’ve turned all the various rules for taking closeups like this into a coherent mental picture of how pictures like this should turn out. So I keep trying, and then try to figure out what I should be doing better.

Finally, this weekend is the start of Oktoberfest, and I’m betting I get out and have some beer while listening to live music and socializing with the other folks from the Saints parking lot.

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