15. September, 2005 - yard work

Yesterday brought some pretty darned beautiful weather. It warmed up enough during the day that I got hot and sweaty while working in the yard, but not so hot that it was miserable. Just enough that it felt like satisfying work. There were two areas in my back yard edged off from the lawn by pavers, stuck into the ground edge-wise. One was around a tree I had removed last month, and the other was next to the little shed that’s attached to the garage. I decided both needed to go.

So I started by pulling out the pavers. Given all the rain we’ve had recently, this wasn’t too tough. One set of them, which had been put in the shallow way (they were 6″ by 12″ pavers, and these were set in only 6″ deep) yielded quickly to the shovel. One dig and pry per paver and they were out. The other set, being almost 10″ into the dirt were a little trickier until I got a decent start on them, and then came out with just a wiggle and a pull. No tools required after the first two, since there was enough sticking above the ground for me to get a grip on, and I could wiggle them into the space left by the previously removed paver.

Once the pavers were out of the way, I attacked the rocks. There were almost a dozen rocks, varying from the size of my fist up to the size of my head, tossed into these two areas. They all needed to be removed so I’ll be able to mow through there without pranging the blade on the lawnmower. Again, a quick dig & pry got the job done.

Then it was time to clear out the weeds. Rake, hoe, rake, chop, rake, hoe, and I had relatively clean dirt that had been worked a few inches deep. There are still a few saplings out there that will require a hatchet, but I’m going to need that for the stump of the tree that was removed, too. Again, the wet dirt made things easier, and I definitely picked the right day for this work. About a bushel of vines, stalks, and branches now lie in a pile waiting for me to chop them up for the compost bin.

And finally, in goes the grass seed. I had two bags of seed, one half-bag left over from last fall, and one brand new one. I used up the leftovers, and saved the new seed for other projects I hope to complete yet this year (filling in bare patches left after the sidewalk work). Then set up the hose and sprinkler and test-water the area. It didn’t really need much water, but I wanted to get the sprinkler in the right position so I can just turn on the tap and have the sprinkler take care of the new seed. With any luck, by the end of the month, I’ll have fresh grass out there to mow, and a lot fewer obstacles to dodge with the mower.

I feel a little bad about sacrificing the mint that was growing in these two areas, but there were so many other weeds mixed in with it that I never really used much of it anyhow. I imagine some will pop back up in the grass, and I can maybe transplant that another day.

Between the yard work, and still getting a decent amount of “work” work done, it was a pretty full day. I didn’t get the old clothesline pole pulled out (or rather the roughly cubic-foot of concrete that anchors it, which is the bigger problem), but other than removing that, filling the hole left by it, and filling a few other holes in the yard (I blame the bunnies), things are in pretty good shape for the fall. I’ll be calling the sidewalk guys in a week or two, and hopefully I can have everything wrapped up before there’s snow. Maybe today I’ll pick up a bunch of black dirt so I can fill the holes.

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