14. September, 2005 - feels like fall

Yesterday’s rain changed everything it seems. During the afternoon yesterday, it was still warm and muggy outside. Once the skies had finished clearing, there’s much drier air (the overnight low got down below 50°F) and this morning, it feels like fall. I’m really glad I sweated a bit on Monday evening and got the lawn mowed between the showers though. My lawn looks lush and green this morning, and it’s one less thing on the ever-growing list of things I should be getting done. But maybe the biggest change is in my head. We’ve had chilly days already, but with Labor Day in the past, and the Saints’ season being done, today’s cool weather is the one that feels like fall to me.

On the digital camera front, a broken display is not covered under warranty, and the repair cost (including shipping), is more than half of the price I paid for the camera almost a year ago. Given the headaches that I expect in dealing with the repair, I’m not sure whether I’m going to even bother getting it fixed or not. I’m definitely going to wait for a slow day before dealing with it at this point. There’s no point in frustrating myself over it today.

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