13. September, 2005 - primary day

Update: When I voted at 2:30 pm, I was only voter #36 in my precinct. If you’re in Minneapolis, you should go and say hello to the volunteers working the polling stations. Turnout is very low today and they’re lonely. Oh, and you may be able to affect things by showing up today. It’s not often you can say that. (Mark is running under the “Pissed Off Taxpayer” label — if nothing else, you want to see that on the ballot, right?)

It’s time to vote in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The top two vote-getters in each primary will advance to the general election. Especially if you want to vote for one of the fringe candidates, this is your chance. Probably your only chance.

Yesterday, administrivia, running errands, and mowing the lawn. Today, I try to finish the most annoying of those errands (my digital camera broke, and is under warranty, but I need to send it back to the factory for repairs, which means digging up the receipt to prove that the camera is under warranty, even though it has a one-year warranty and wasn’t even released more than a year ago, then bundling it up and shipping it to the factory repair center) and out to vote. And then some actual work. Wish me luck.

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