12. September, 2005 - I don’t like Mondays

It’s not a huge thing, but my typical Monday morning tries to pack all the administrivia for an entire week into a few hours, so I can get past it and get on with the productive work for the week. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been all that much productive work for me to do, so entire weeks have felt like Mondays.

And this week, it’s even worse. The Saints’ season has ended, with the team on the road, and not enough of a chance to say goodbye to people. It hit me a little yesterday, but today it seems to hit home harder. I cleaned out my grill for the season last night, which had a feeling of finality to it, but that was tempered by the fact that I’d spent the afternoon drinking beers with friends. Today, there’s no insulating beery goodness in the way.

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