9. September, 2005 - weekend

A short week that felt too long. I think that was mostly due to my desire for control, and the lack of it this week. One job I thought was nailed down has evaporated. Two that are active continue to lurch toward completion. One nearly on its own, and the other now firmly in my court, but only since yesterday. The not-quite-an-interview from Wednesday continues to roll around in my mind, as I try to decide whether or not I want to keep my business going, or drop the reins of responsibility and let someone else handle the hassles inherent in running a business. Nothing really taxing, except psychically.

This weekend? Trip to mom’s, party, maybe a trip to the range (too-busy-friend’s schedule permitting), and some more sleep. And hot weather. The yard work I had planned is going to sit on hold a bit longer. I just don’t feel like doing it in the 80+ degree temperatures forecast for this weekend, and it can wait until the weather is cooler. Besides, it already seems as if I have enough on my plate.

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