4. September, 2005 - a dark and stormy night

Thunderstorms much of yesterday and pretty much all last night, with warnings about possible flash-flooding in low-lying neighborhoods here in the Twin Cities. No real problems where I’m at, other than the noise waking me up a few times during the night. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, but tomorrow’s a holiday, so I’ll maybe have a chance to catch up.

And yes, I realize I’m blogging right through the weekend. Not sure why, but between the allergens and rain outside, plus a late night at the bar on Friday, I didn’t get outside to do the yard work I had planned, so I’ve been inside at the computer (rather than working on any of the “inside projects” I could have been tackling).

But I’ve also been working on some of the forms used on my sites. In the past week, I’ve noticed concerted efforts by a few hackers to try and see if they can use my forms to send spam. I’ve found and fixed a couple security holes over the weekend. Sigh.

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