2. September, 2005 - hiding inside

The wind from yesterday subsided, but I still spent the entire evening hiding inside with the air conditioning running. I’ll poke my head outside today, but I really don’t like this time of year. Yes there are allergy drugs, but in my experience none of them will do the job for me against a huge concentration of allergens like those flying around in the air yesterday. The most discouraging part is that this happens every year, and I know from experience that I’ll be dealing with it for another month or so. Ugh.

There’s an awful lot of awful news about the mess in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast in general. You can go find them yourself if you’d like. Me, I’m reading some, ignoring others, and occasionally getting sucked into the disaster-porn on the TV. The big lesson I’ve taken from the whole thing is that in a really big disaster, depending on the government is going to leave you either dead or miserable, and I hope others see the same lesson. There are some smaller lessons that involve thinking through what kind of disaster could happen near me, and what that should mean for my preparedness. It’s not that I want to get set up Burt Gummer style, but I think a bare minimum is that a guy should have supplies for a week, either while holing up at home, or getting the hell out of dodge. More on that some day in the future. And a light load of links for today. At least it’s more than yesterday, right?

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