25. August, 2005 - it’s all about the pitching

Saints won ’em both last night, and while Billy Munoz’s walk-off home-run to win the second game was great, the real story is in the pitching. In the first game Mike Meyer took a come-backer off his pinky, which tore the nail from the finger. He went to the hospital, but this is an injury he’s had before, and it sounds as though he should be back for the playoffs (knock on wood). The bullpen did a good job handing onto the game. In the second game, Charlie Ruud, a first-year seminary student at Luther and St. Olaf grad, who George had signed to a single-game contract, pitched a complete game (of seven innings), and came home with the win. This is the second time this year that a pitcher on a one-game contract, coming out of the MIAC, got the win. The first was by Aron Helm. There’s more on Charlie’s win from St. Olaf’s paper, and an excellent Profile of Charlie Ruud from the College Sporting News.

I’m still worried about the Saints pitching staff. George and Jason have done a great job patching together a staff as the season winds down, but I worry about what we’ll see in the playoffs. As I mentioned, Meyer will probably be back, but that still leaves us short on pitchers. And position players, too. We’ve got a spare catcher on the bench every night, and that’s it. The league’s transactions page suggests we may see Juan Camacho (.327 and 21 homers in 94 games with El Paso) and Coby Smith (.313 in 94 games with Shreveport) soon. I hear it’s been tough to sign more guys, but there’s not much season left to get the roster in order for the playoffs. Oh, and from the St. Paul paper? Just a regurgitated press release on the games.

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