22. August, 2005 - older now

Yep. I survived my birthday over the weekend. The lion’s share of the excitement was mom’s. Saturday I went up to visit her, and she and her roommate took me out for lunch. Since they’re both on fixed incomes, this meant I got to buy. Since they’re in an assisted living home, they wanted something a little more lively, so we headed up to the Legion Post for some buck burgers and cocktails. Seemed to go pretty well until we were leaving, when mom stepped halfway off the curb and fell down. No major injuries, but she scraped up her hand and knee pretty good, and broke her watch in the process. After some first-aid, filling out the report at the home (so I couldn’t accuse them of abusing her, presumably) and buying a new watch, I headed back home, feeling kind of down because I couldn’t deal with keeping two eighty-year-old women safe on a trip to the bar.

And that was about it for the weekend. I had big plans, but none came to fruition. I had hoped to head out and go shooting with a friend on Saturday afternoon, but he beamed up for the weekend. I was thinking that a few beers with friends on Saturday evening would be nice, until the time rolled around, and I was feeling anti-social. I had planned to install my carpeting in my bedroom on Sunday, but found laying down the chalk lines to get the pattern centered too daunting. Instead, I spent the weekend perched in front of the brainsucker watching bad movies. And that was about it. The weather was beautiul outside, and I did get out for a few minutes, but the cooler weather this weekend has brought with it a full load of allergens, and I’ve descended into something of a medicated stupor to combat them, so I didn’t even feel like going for a walk.

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