18. August, 2005 - changes in plans

When I went to bed last night, I thought I had today figured out. I was going to get up early, and show the tree guys what needed doing when they arrived about 7:30, and then pack up and get ready for today’s Saints game. But when I woke up at 7, I noticed the rain. By 8, it was raining hard enough that I called the tree service and was told that yep, we’ll have to reschedule for next week. As for the ball game, I’m waiting to see what the weather brings, I guess.

Speaking of the Saints, following word that Tim Christman [was] traded to Somerset of the independent Atlantic League for a player to be named later (as was Adam Larson, last week), yesterday brought word that Saints acquire no-hit pitcher from Soliet in exchange for Chad Ehrnsberger and two players to be named later (the same two we’ll get from Somerset?). What the stories don’t say is that this left the Saints with 17 guys on their roster last night: seven pitchers (a four-man rotation with three relievers), the nine in the lineup, and only one player on the bench. (Hi Jeb!) I also got to talk to Chad briefly during the game, and he doesn’t want to go to Joliet. My understanding (from others at the park) is that he was traded because George was tired of his attitude, and Joliet’s where he’s going to go, since they’re the one team in our division that can’t make the playoffs. If nothing else, we saw a couple plays from Josh Renick at short that Chad wouldn’t have made, and that helped Bryan Gall hold Schaumburg to two hits through eight innings. With a little help from the bullpen, the Saints hung on for the win.

And that meant some more interesting situations for today. Word was that George was going to sign one of Jason Verdugo’s Hamline pitchers to a one-day contract to start today’s game. Part of me hopes the game doesn’t get rained out, but part thinks that it might be best to postpone this game until George gets the roster in order again.

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