15. August, 2005 - ABE, party, slug-fest

The weekend? Friday, after a day of work, I went to see the Auto Body Experience over at the History Center. I had fun, and ran into a reader I hadn’t ever met in person before, plus saw a bunch of folks that I haven’t seen for a while. As for the show, well, I’d hoped there would be a review at How Was the Show, but there isn’t. My short review? It was exactly what I expected. Scott forgot the lyrics to the second song on the set-list, getting that out of the way early, and the rest of the show went pretty well, with any gaps being filled by making fun of Scott’s memory (we kid because we love). There was a party at Dixie’s afterwards, but I just headed home to get some much-needed sleep.

Saturday, there was a gun show, where I didn’t find much. Just a couple books, and a cheap soft gun sleeve. And a gun-show-hot-dog for a mid-afternoon snack. Broke the $10 mark by getting the hot-dog. Returned home, puttered around for a bit, and then it was off to Mark’s Party, where I spent a while gabbing with people. After a while, I realized that I wasn’t really thirsty for more Guinness, plus there was no tonic, so Amanda and I made a beer run. We found Zima Hard Orange, among other things, and decided we needed to procure some, since neither of us had tasted that flavor before. We discovered that it tastes almost exactly like orange Fanta (the US version, with synthetic flavor, as opposed to the European version with real orange juice). Beyond that, I helped Sean (or is it Shawn?) tend the grill, mostly taking finished bits of food inside from the grill, and bringing out more raw meat to keep things going. I had a fun time, talking with various people about various things and forgetting it all almost immediately, as one does at a party. I enjoyed meeting some of Mark’s cow-orkers, and talking with Spencer about home improvement.

If you’re a regular reader here, you can probably guess that with that kind of a Friday and Saturday, I almost certainly spent Sunday being a slug. You’d be right.

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