12. August, 2005 - trust the newspaper?

The first part of this was written a few minutes after 8am.

A story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press caught my attention this morning. The headline read Saints cap series sweep of Joliet. Which I found odd, because I’d been at all three games this week, and clearly remember the Saints losing on Tuesday. Heck, even the Saints recaps of the games point out Tuesday’s loss. Now I know from seeing the From news services at the top of the article that this is one of those cut-and-paste jobs, basically cobbling together press-releases, but how the heck does the Press-Patch blow it on a game that happened three days ago?

I shot an email to the sports editor at 8AM today, pointing out the error, but he won’t arrive until 9AM. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes to get a correction issued. And yeah, I know this isn’t really all that important in the larger picture, but it would still be nice to see the St. Paul paper at least get the results for local team correct.

The regular update will follow, but I wanted to post this early enough that you might have a chance to see the old version of the story. If you can’t see it, I took a screen-shot.

Update: The correction was up at 9:04, pretty good, given that the sports guys don’t get in until 9am. Kudos to Mike Bass, who’s the sports editor over in St. Paul.

While I poke some fun at their expense, and understand they can’t afford to have a reporter at every game, I still find myself wondering why the PiPress doesn’t work out something creative to get good information on every game. If I remember right, press credentials at Midway mean you get free parking, and I find myself thinking that that might be enough of an incentive for me to file a report every night when I get home from the game. And Dave Wright might even go for it. Wanna talk, Mike?

Update 2: Mike replied:

Thanks for the offer, Dave, but the Saints provide us information and we put it together here. Take care.

I’m not sure if I’m up for it or not, but last year, I thought about scoring all the games I attended. I’m pretty sure I could do a daily update on the game, and the big thing holding me back is deciding how I would pay for the added effort. But I think there needs to be an alternative to the copy-and-pasted press releases that the PiPress carries.

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