11. August, 2005 - another long game

Another long game in St. Paul last night, this time with a better outcome. As I suspected on Tuesday, this is the same crew that I complained about back in July, and they haven’t gotten any better. The ball and strike calling wasn’t too bad last night, but Tuesday’s drama, which led to the Saints losing the game was, I suspect, as much due to who was behind the plate as anything.

Otherwise, work continues. But just as I thought it was appearing as though I’d get through the week pretty well, managing to keep everyone relatively happy, and making money along the way, I got a call from a client who got talked into switching all their web, mail, and connectivity services to RoadRunner. Apparently the client didn’t understand that this meant they’d be moving everything away from my business, and I’m probably going to end up spending the morning helping someone sort this out, and lose a client out of the deal. Grumble. It’s probably my fault for not being more pro-active with my existing clients, since I’ve made something of a business out of helping the technically clueless, but damnit, this was not how I had planned to spend my morning.

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