10. August, 2005 - late

Got a bit of a late start this morning. The game last night went long, after a Big ninth lifts Joliet over Saints. It didn’t help that the umpire had tossed our starting shortstop so there was a pitcher covering first base. Only one of the five hits might be attributed to him, but when we needed power in the bottom of the ninth, you don’t exactly want a pitcher hitting. Why the lineup troubles? Well, Jeremy Frost got tossed on Sunday (we think for a two-game suspension), Nick Gretz has some viral infection, Billy Munoz has a sore leg, and Adam Olow was already batting as the DH. Sigh. And here I was hoping that maybe we’d get a chance to make up some ground by playing Joliet.

Work seems to be going pretty well. Oh, there are the usual headaches and hang-ups, but everything seems to be moving forward, which sometimes surprises me, especially when I realize that I’ve done work for four five different clients already this week. I don’t necessarily like juggling multiple jobs but it’s what has to be done right now, and I seem to be keeping all the balls in the air for now. Of course now that I’ve mentioned that, everything will probably come crashing down, but I’m not going to worry too much just yet.

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