8. August, 2005 - catching up and slacking

The Weekend? Well, I let a lot of things go on Saturday. Pretty much just went to the ballgames and that was about the extent of it. Which was fine. There’s stuff to be done, but realistically, most of it is just stuff that I need to do for me, and putting it off for a few days won’t make any difference to anyone but me. And a couple days of taking it easy sounded a lot better to me than taking care of stuff.

That’s about it for the weekend. The Saints won two of three from Lincoln, and really should have won all three. The weather keeps getting hotter. And as a bonus, the allergies I get like clockwork every year in August have kicked in. I’ll try not to gripe about ’em too much, but I don’t much like the idea of being sniffly from now until the first hard frost.

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