3. August, 2005 - hump-day fun

Let’s have something lighter today, okay? Some baseball, some comics, and some just plain fun stuff. Seems like a good thing to do. I’ve been trying to catch up on some fun around here in between the work and searching for work, too. Updated my quotes page, for example. Added sixty-some new ones to it.

In other news, I had a pretty good time at the National Night Out thing last night. There were four of us there from my block, and the three women from my block all expressed interest in any spare grape tomatoes I might have, so I told them to help themselves. I spent a while talking to another neighbor who also isn’t biking as much as he’d like this summer, and we might go out for a ride soon. We’ll see, I guess. He sounds like he’s one of those people who likes to ride in a hurry, so it might not work out so well, but maybe it’ll get me out. When I returned home, I took a peek at the garden. There had been a couple-dozen tomatoes ready for picking out there, and they were all gone. Excellent! With the Saints games this weekend, I should be able to unload any more extras, as well as some of the tabascos that are starting to ripen, as well as the bird chiles that might be ready. Both of these are somewhat surprising to me, since I didn’t expect they’d do especially well in Minnesota, but the extended hot-spells we’ve had have been great weather for peppers and tomatoes. Yum!

Oh, and catching up on the Saints, they’re 6-11 after a loss to Edmonton who’s similarly stinking up the standings in the other division. About the only consolation we have is that Joliet is even worse in our division, but this is kind of what I feared would happen when the Saints won the first-half. A couple players have been picked up by the bigs, there’s been no hurry to bring back the injured guys, and generally they don’t seem to be playing to win, no matter what George might say. I worry how they’re going to do in the playoffs, but I guess that’s still a month away, so I won’t panic yet. But I might book a conference that runs during the last weekend of the Northern League finals….

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