2. August, 2005 - meetings

Today looks like a day of meetings. Got one this morning with a client who wants to talk about some programming work, but probably not enough for me to get terribly excited about. Another client is having a meeting (which I won’t be at) where it will be decided what work I’ll be getting from them over the next few months. Again, I suspect the answer will be not enough. There’s some work to do for that first client in the afternoon, and probably a bit more questing to try and keep my schedule full. Finally, PapaScott is in town, and I may hear from him this evening. There’s a chance of a beer, perhaps. It’s shaping up to feel like a busy day, even if I don’t get a whole lot done.

On the home front, I got out and got a few things done yesterday. Sprayed some Weed-B-Gone on the crabgrass, but Home Depot didn’t have the Crabgrass killer in stock, so I got the regular stuff, and I’m not sure how well it’ll work. At a minimum, I hope it doesn’t kill off too much of the lawn, and didn’t drift onto the garden in the light breeze that kicked up after I started spraying. Speaking of the garden, I picked another dozen grape tomatoes, and a few more romas. The grape tomatoes get eaten as snacks, but I’ve almost got enough romas to make up a small batch of red sauce. I’m hoping I can maybe do that around lunchtime today and not heat up the kitchen too much.

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