26. July, 2005 - cooler!

So we got rained out of the Saints game last night (at least the Saints didn’t lose!), but the storm that provided the rain also brought much cooler temperatures. Highs in the 70s instead of in the 90s are a very happy thing. Of course the rain-out means two games today, and as I didn’t remember until late yesterday afternoon, today’s game is scheduled as a day game. So I’m expecting that for tomorrow’s update, I’ll probably have received far too much sunshine and will be feeling pleasantly cooked.

On the work front, I spent yesterday promising a client some web-work, figuring that I had a designer lined up to help with the work. Well, the designer backed out, and I’m now looking for some help. If you’ve got the graphic-design chops to put together a new logo from a pretty darned sketchy client description, maybe you should drop me a note. Thanks!

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