22. July, 2005 - gak

The subject pretty much sums up yesterday. I had big plans for getting stuff done, and while I managed to keep all my appointments, I was thwarted in just about everything else. It started with a threatening letter in the mail from the State of Minnesota’s Unemployment Insurance division of the Department of Employment and Economic Development. Apparently, I needed to sign up for their new system, even though I do none of my own unemployment insurance handling. I hired Paychex to do that, and for the past six and a half years, they’ve been doing a good job of isolating me from nonsense from the state. Apparently that’s an unacceptable situation, since if I didn’t “activate” my account, Minnesota would stop accepting payroll information from them, making me non-compliant. And the beauty of this is that they needed my State of Minnesota Unemployment Insurance ID, a number which I handed off to Paychex when it was first assigned to my company, and haven’t thought of since. And no, they couldn’t use my State of Minnesota Revenue ID (used for sales tax and payroll withholding) or my Federal Employer ID, even though their database already has both of those and it’s all cross-referenced. But no, somehow this magical third ID number provides extra security, or so I’m told.

And people wonder why I hate dealing with government. What should have been a simple matter of faxing the form off ended up eating my entire morning. As John Marshall said: The power to tax is the power to destroy. Well, at least I won’t have to pay as much in taxes this month, since I didn’t make any money yesterday.

The afternoon? Not a whole lot better. I have work to do for two clients, due Really Darned Soon. But I’m missing critical bits of information from those clients, and can’t start until I get that information. In both cases, I was promised that I would receive these missing pieces on Wednesday. Still haven’t seen ’em this morning, so I’m going to be late in delivering things to those clients.

It makes me wonder why I bother running a business at all. After a day like yesterday, I find myself thinking that if there was any way to move into the black market without getting thrown under the jail, I’d be all over it, but I don’t think that’s possible today. It may be time to start working on the Taoist approach, though: Whenever there is attachment there is bondage.

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