21. July, 2005 - unrest in the trees

This morning, the tree guy stopped by to give me an estimate on cleaning up my trees. They don’t need major work, just need to be trimmed so they’re not rubbing on my house or the neighbor’s. Only $450 for a dozen trees. That ain’t bad at all, I’m figuring. Yeah, it’ll probably take them a half-hour or so, but it’s the kind of thing that would take me all day, the trees would look kinda crummy when I was done, and I’d have a huge pile of branches laying there until I got around to hauling them away. The thing that gets me is that it wasn’t even a year ago when I last did this, but I’m hoping that maybe with a pro coming in to clean up the trees, I’ll be able to learn some trick so I can do a better job next time. Anyway, I’m probably going to pull the trigger later today and schedule the appointment.

Today looks like a busy day, too. Got a couple more appointments I have to keep today, plus I need to get some work done. While I wasn’t happy when the tree guy showed up almost a half-hour early (just as I was finishing my morning ablutions), it seems to have worked out pretty well, since I’m getting this ready for you, and getting started on work at just about the right time, better than if I’d actually planned it.

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