20. July, 2005 - gully-washer

Yesterday, I spent most of the evening watering various sections of my lawn and garden that were dried out from the lack of rain around here. Almost as if I’d planned it, we got hit by a thunderstorm this morning (about 5:30) which gave most of the ground more water than it could handle. Except for the areas I’d watered yesterday, where the lawn had gone from feeling like astroturf on concrete to actually feeling like something living again. Those areas were able to absorb most of the pounding rain this morning, while the areas that didn’t get watered mostly shed the rain. Judging by the size of the river in my alley, most of my neighbors lawns had the rain run off them, too.

Beyond that, it warmed up enough again yesterday that the air-conditioning is running again, and probably will be for the forseeable future. Forecast highs are in the high 80s or 90s again through the weekend, and that’s just too warm for either me or my computer to be comfortable. But on the plus side, I got enough sleep last night, even with the thunderstorm waking me up at 5:30 this morning, that I have stuff for you to read.

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