18. July, 2005 - cooler

Made it through the weekend. It wasn’t a high-energy affair, since I was still feeling oppressed by the heat. Over the weekend, the Saints lost two of three to a Sioux Falls team that finished the first half of the season in the cellar with a 17 and 29 record. About the only good news is that the highs this week are only supposed to be in the 80s, which will be a welcome break. It might even get cool enough that I can shut off the air-conditioners and open the windows this evening. That would be a welcome change.

This week looks like another busy one. There are things to be done around the house once it’s cool enough to step outside without immediately starting to sweat, and I need to spend some more time figuring out what I’m going to do for work for the rest of the summer. Should keep me busy while the Saints are off for the all-star break and then out of town next weekend.

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