5. July, 2005 - back to it

Tough getting started this morning. I was up late for the Saints fireworks last night. And that was following a road-trip to Sioux Falls to watch the Saints play there on Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks to John for helping us get organized down there, and showing us a good time. I also popped up to Wilno on Saturday to see the area where the Polaschek family first settled in Minnesota.

As usual, I’ve got a bunch of pictures still in the camera. I’m going to try and get to them today, but (also as usual) I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do today, and it’ll probably take me a while to sort through them all. You’ll see them as soon as I can get to them.

Finally, I survived the fourth and still have all my fingers to type this with. A good time was had. And I think that’s going to do it for my morning ramble today. Let’s get to some links, eh?

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