20. June, 2005 - disappointing

Holman Field and Downtown St. Paul
Holman Field & Downtown St. Paul

I spent this weekend disappointing people. Friday, I was supposed to stop by the local watering hole to talk to a gal. I’d said repeatedly that I probably needed to stay around home over the weekend to get stuff done, but she was adamant and I eventually muttered that I would try to swing by. Saturday, there were two parties. I went to neither. Sunday I was supposed to work on a bunch of things around the house. Instead I spent the day laying around the house, gushing sweat from every pore on my body until I realized that I should probably set up the second air conditioner so the house would cool off enough that I could think clearly.

Lake Minnetonka
Lake Minnetonka

Today? Lots and lots to be done, and I’m starting the triage already. Some things just can’t be put off any longer, and others can probably slide for another day or two. I think I’ve figured out which is which. One of the things I will get done is starting to point you at pictures from my trip to San Francisco. After all, it was two weeks ago, and even if I’d used film, I’d have them back by now. I’ll start with the set taken from the airplane. I had a window seat and blatantly ignored the no electronic devices directive and happily took pictures with my digital camera as we flew. These first two are local to Minnesota, and require almost no explanation beyond their captions.

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