14. June, 2005 - falling behind

It’s not so much that I’ve got a ton of pressing stuff to do as the fact that the things I have to do seem to be taking much longer than I’d like. Simple tasks turn into an hour spent on the phone trying to resolve something that should have taken five minutes.

On a good note, I got the lawn mowed yesterday. Entirely within my control, and I didn’t have to wait for anyone else, and it went nice and quickly. Ditto for catching up on laundry. My clothes are almost all clean again and that makes me strangely happy. Still need to make that trip to the grocery store to refill the fridge, but that might fit in with other errands today.

Vacation pictures are going to have to wait at least one more day, perhaps two, though. I thought I was going to catch a break when the game got rained out last night, but then as I was starting to sort the pictures, the phone rang… When I finally hung up, I wanted nothing more than to go to bed.

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