9. June, 2005 - busy days

Well, after two days during which few of the sessions held my interest, I’m now in the part of the conference where I’ve got sessions piled one atop another. I spent the “slow” days of Tuesday and Wednesday mostly talking to people in the halls, and it sounds like there may be some work heading my way, which is a positive development.

Today and tomorrow, I’m seeing a lot of the sessions I came to the conference for, and there’s lots that I need to get moved into my brain. Interesting stuff, but a lot to absorb, without a lot of time to digest in between. But I haven’t been looking around the web for stuff to link to at all during the conference, and don’t see much of that happening from here out. Next week, perhaps, eh? As for tomorrow, maybe I’ll have something for you, or maybe my brain will be jammmed full of new information and I won’t have much to say.

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