5. June, 2005 - SF

As you may have guessed, if you noticed that Apple’s WWDC is this week, I’m in San Francisco. It’s been a fun weekend. I flew out on Friday, and basically piddled around on Friday. I did a little shopping for a few things I had forgotten to bring with, and then spent the evening watching the tube, since I didn’t really have much energy left, what with two hours of time-shift, and basically concentrated on staying awake until 10pm pacific time, which felt like midnight to me. Well past my usual bedtime.

Saturday was a day of solo touristing. Rather than go see the typical sights, I mostly wandered around, just looking at things I’ve seen before with new eyes. There are many pictures in my camera, but due to bad planning, I didn’t bring along the cable, so you won’t get to see those until after I’ve gotten home. I put on a lot of miles, walking to Chinatown and back in the morning (from Market to Broadway for those of you for whom that means anything) and then after lunch and a nap, I walked down Market from Powell to the Embarcadero, south a bit for some pictures of the Bay Bridge, then all the way north to Fisherman’s Wharf. The line for the cablecar back to my hotel was over an hour long, so I dropped five bucks for a ride in a limo (and since I was solo, I rode up front with the driver, talking with him as he fought through traffic) back to Union Square. There are a ton of details I’m leaving out here, but I’ll fill those in when I have some of the pictures that go with them.

Sunday, I spent the morning lolligagging around. Still tired from all the walking on Saturday, and I didn't really feel like trying to do any toursity things on a Sunday morning. My friends Scott & Michelle, and their daughters came up and met me for lunch, and then we went on the Red & White Golden Gate Cruise for an hour. It was a fun trip, even if the swells were too big for us to actually get outside the Golden Gate, and everyone enjoyed it. Scott had brought along an extra fleece for me, which was much appreciated. It was windy out on the water. When that was done, we wandered the Fishermen's Wharf area for a while, then had dinner and called it a day.

Tomorrow morning, WWDC starts. I’m posting this on Sunday evening, and will probably continue doing my posts in the evening while I'm out of town. Any news from the conference will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon or evening. Seeya then.

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