3. June, 2005 - two weeks in

Aaron on opening day
Aaron on opening day

Here it is, two full weeks since opening day of the Saints season. And I finally got around to pulling in the pictures from that night. Since Aaron expressed interest in seeing his picture here, I guess I’d better post it. The other pictures from the evening? Meh. There’s some UPS trucks delivering the players, and an out-of-focus Seigo defending a hockey goal with boxing gloves. Out of focus because my camera decided that the net had to be in sharp focus, rather than what was behind it. I think I need to rethink photography at games, since even I’m bored with most of the pictures I take at the ballpark. Maybe I’ll have something figured out by the time the Saints get home next week.

Yesterday was warm. Warm enough that I was glad I started mowing the lawn before 10 am. Warm enough that I actually put the air conditioner in my bedroom window for the summer. I had three loads of laundry to fold, and the effort of folding T-shirts was causing me to break out in a sweat, so I figured it was time for some chilled air. I slept pretty well with it on last night, too. The power-saver mode is a bit annoying, since it either runs the A/C full on or not at all, and the cycling of the fan woke me up once or twice, but I slept better than if I’d been searching for a cool spot in the sheets all night. Of such excitement is my life made.

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