2. June, 2005 - stumbling into summer

I’m not sure exactly why, but yesterday felt like the first day of summer, rather than the extended spring we’ve had so far. Maybe part of it was getting out and weeding the garden for the first time this year. Maybe part of it was the humidity, which made it feel a lot warmer than the 75 degrees it actually was out there. Maybe part of it was enough sunshine hitting my house that I pondered setting up the air conditioning. Like I said, I’m not sure exactly what it was, but it felt like summer.

And that’s got me feeling like I’m under the gun. There are many more things I wanted to get done before summer hit. I wanted to have enough miles on my trike by this point that I was feeling more fit. I wanted a clear schedule for the home improvements that are going to happen this year. I could go on, but I’m left with the feeling that between the early warmth, followed by the cool and damp, I’ve piddled away the spring.

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